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RTS Professional Advantage

Powerful Products!

We run shoulder-to-shoulder with traditional allopathic medicine. Our patented proprietary active ingredient, Cyplexinol® has been clinically studied with amazing results! Providing more benefits than pharmaceuticals, Cyplexinol® is all-natural, safe, offers no side effects and has better results! 


Laser Focus Area of Specialization!

Bone & Joint Specialists – Focusing our efforts on bone support and health has allowed us to break the mold and enter a new realm of supplements.  Our active ingredient, Cyplexinol® is a new class of nutritional ingredient that can grow de novo tissue while patients are living their day to day lives.

Gastrointestinal Health – The gut has more to do with our bodies overall health than we ever previously imagined!  We are committed to helping people live a healthy active lifestyle so focusing on the gut was a logical next step.  We continue to work with the best in the nation to provide the best supplements for the GI tract and overall health and the body’s overall wellbeing.

Scientific and Clinical Expertise

Our Science & Medical Advisory Board is comprised of leading scientists and doctors which share their extensive knowledge and expertise to help us fine-tune and test our products, ultimately propelling Regenerative Tissue Science, LLC products to the forefront of bone and joint health.

Cutting-Edge Education

Through our educational program we offer online webinars and a monthly educational series to help you thoroughly understand our product’s science and benefits. 

Clinical Trials and Science

At RTS, we are constantly looking for new areas and opportunities to study the power of Cyplexinol® and stem cell activation.  Thus, we are committed to conducting on-going clinical trials to test the science, push the limits and document the success.


Quality You Can Trust

Our fully-commercial FDA registered, NSF-Certified cGMP manufacturing facility far exceeds most nutritional supplement plants and is on par with pharmaceutical facilities for production and Quality Control. Cyplexinol® Pro is derived from a non-GMO certified organic source, and is tested by independent laboratories to ensure it meets product specifications for nutritional biochemistry, safety, purity, and stem-cell activation capabilities.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

At RTS, both your satisfaction as well as your patients’ satisfaction are the cornerstone of everything we do.  If ever you or your patient are not 100% completely satisfied, simply return the product for a complete refund or a free replacement bottle – no questions asked.  Powerful products with a powerful guarantee, that who we are at RTS.  You could say, it’s in our DNA. 

Wholesale Pricing

As an authorized RTS HealthCare Professional reseller you can buy from our family of products at wholesale pricing and sell to your patients at MAPP.

Customer Service, Scientific and Clinical Support

Our Clinical Care Specialists are just a phone call or email away from helping you with any questions you may have regarding our products.  If our Clinical Care Specialists cannot answer your questions, we have experts in Nutrition, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, and Immunology who are just a call away and always ready to answer any scientific or clinical questions – providing you the pinnacle in cutting-edge stem cell research and regenerative medicine and health for you and your patients.