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Ostinol™ Advanced 5X

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Ostinol™ Advanced 5X provides rapid joint comfort and supports joint health!  5X modulates multiple inflammatory pathways, providing your patients an active lifestyle with ease!

  • FAST - In a recent clinical study people reported less discomfort in as fast as 7 days 
  • POWERFUL  - New class of proteins used by doctors for years 
  • SAFE - 100% all-natural  

Ostinol™ Advanced 5X is powered by Cyplexinol®, a new class of nutritional ingredient. Cyplexinol® is an all-natural stem cell signaling protein complex which uniquely stimulates key pathways to support your body’s ability to create new bone and cartilage tissue!  Additionally, Cyplexinol® provides the benefits of bone health & joint comfort by modulating multiple inflammatory pathways – something no other ingredient delivers!

Bioactive protein complexes are backed by over 50 years of scientific and medical research. Before being used as a nutritional supplement, this class of proteins was used by surgeons for years to grow bone and cartilage tissue post-operative.  Now, natural healthcare professionals have this new class of powerful bioactive protein complex available in Ostinol™ Advanced 5X as an oral supplement for bone and joint health.

Have your patients actively participate in their life with more comfort and ease! use Ostinol™ Advanced 5X today – your satisfaction is guaranteed.

For people who:

    • need extreme single joint support
    • suffer from severe problems in multiple joints
  • Available form: 60 capsules
  • Suggested dosage: one (1) to two (2) capsules per day or as needed
  • Key ingredients: Cyplexinol®, Boswellia serrata extract
  • Complementary products: Chondrinol® Extra Strength

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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